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Volunteer Focus: The Garden Gang

written by Joyce Weber

As the sun peeks over the Silver River, there are shadows moving in the park. It is either a Tuesday or a Friday, the days that are set aside for gloves, hats, green shirts, and many smiles.  The Garden Gang has arrived at the park to work their magic for the next 3 hours. This dedicated group of volunteers join forces to enhance the beauty of nature throughout the park. They come unannounced, with the knowledge and tools to share in the restoration and improvement of the park.

Gary Morgan is the natural leader of the Garden Gang.  Gary's passion for the park is shared every day, not just the designated days. There are many other regular members of the Garden Gang, including Mike Kellogg, Ron and JoAnn Szabo, Susan Azevedo, Karen DeJohn, Vince King and Jeanne Foster.  During the winter months, there will be welcomed additions to the team, such as Charlie McGhee, Holly Nickerson, Jane and John Riffe, Judy Angrisano and Linda Dobransky.

The tasks are distributed among these experienced workers on a weekly basis. Mike can often be found in the Iris beds. Karen, Jeanne, and Susan may be chatting and pulling debris from the flower beds around the park.  Gary may whiz by while the gardeners plant new beauty in many areas.  This entire group of hard-working individuals come together as one close knit group to groom the park.  They do not ask for recognition because they get their reward from the relaxation and the beauty there.

If you happen to be walking the park and see one of these fabulous volunteer Garden Gang members, please take just a moment to thank them for all the beauty they create. If you want to become a part of the Gang, just talk to them or contact us.

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