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Silver River’s Ambassador

written by Marianne Marcoux, Member of the Friends of Silver Springs State Park

“I really like her relentless efforts to improve the experience of our guests on the river.”

– Dr. Barbara Toeppen-Sprigg

“Her love of wildlife and photography has allowed numerous visitors, friends, fellow volunteers, and Facebook patrons, a glimpse of her beloved Silver River.”  

– Bonnie T. Halsell

“She doesn’t know the word rude or uppish, but she does know where the fish and manatees are in the river.” 

- Joann Hagen                  

If you haven’t guessed by now, we’d like to give our friend and fellow member, Pam Reed, a shout-out in gratitude for her tireless support of the Silver Springs State Park, its River Patrol program and our Friends organization. As her family and friends know, almost every day (unless she’s traveling), you can find Pam unloading her kayak, greeting everyone at the launch site, and setting off for hours to patrol the Silver River. And her fellow river patrol member Barbara Toeppen-Sprigg notes, whether Pam encounters three inexperienced people in an overloaded kayak who don’t know how to paddle, or a person who just wants to know about alligators, she is always thoughtful in her response.  Pam is an unassuming and humble individual but passionate about protecting and promoting the springs, the river, and its wildlife and plant life. In a word, Pam is an ambassador for the Park. Her gorgeous photos depict the river’s wild life, and because she posts them on social media without fail, I am positive she singlehandedly draws a huge number of locals and visitors to experience all the Park has to offer. Who doesn’t want a chance to see an elusive otter slipping in and out of the river stream as captured by Pam? Even after years with the River Patrol program, which she now leads, Pam continues to show her dedication to the program implementing changes that benefit her fellow river patrollers, and enhance a guest’s experience. Pam’s photography shows huge growth and a deep reverence for nature.  Her friend and local photographer Bonnie T. Halsell, wishes her perfect lighting, no weeds or limbs in her shots, and straight horizons! And, all of her Friends wish her many more years on the Silver River doing what she loves and does best.  Pam has been a dedicated member of the Fiends of Silver Springs State Park for many years. In addition to her role directing the River Patrol she has also served on our CSO's Board of Directors and can always be found helping greet visitors at the Park's Welcome Center and staffing other CSO events. So, thank you Pam for all you do!

(Do you know of other members of our CSO, the Friends of Silver Springs State Park, who you admire and would like to recognize? If so, please contact us admin@thefriendsofsilversprings.org . We'll get right back to you and make sure they are recognized in future editions. Thanks!)

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