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ADA* – Friendly Tram and Tow Vehicle

The Friends of Silver Springs State Park (FSSSP)  invite you to help make it possible for visitors who may have limited mobility to enjoy and learn from tram rides though the various habitats of the park.  These rides are very popular and maximize their enjoyment and learning …and during such popular park festivals as Ocali Days and Knap-In, they provide much needed transportation within the park.  Our current trams, which were inherited from former owners of the headsprings area, are not friendly to park patrons with disabilities who may rely on wheelchairs, walkers or other  types of assistance.  

But we have found a way to better serve these folks!  We would like to purchase for the park a Featherlite Tram trailer AND a Kubota tractor fitted with front weights!  Not only will this new equipment make it easier for ALL patrons to  board and disembark, it will also make it possible to safely pull a fully loaded tram with passengers over our sandy forest roads for their maximum enjoyment. 

This is an exciting project, but we need your help to raise the funds for the new tractor and tram.  We estimate the cost to be $88,000 for both.  We welcome donations from individuals and organizations to support this ADA- Friendly tram and tow vehicle.

*ADA - Americans with Disability Act


Silver Springs State Park boasts a scenic walkway along the river from Mammoth Deck to Sea Hunt Deck. Unfortunately, sections of the Spring Run walkway have become lifted by the trees that support our shoreline. We want a way to allow everyone, of whatever ability, to safely enjoy the serenity of the river, to take in its beauty and surrounding landmarks and abundant wildlife. So, Park Manager Sally Lieb and her staff have requested a “Raised Walkway for the Spring Run", in essence, a land bridge that would circumvent the damaged sections permitting visitors in strollers, scooters, wheel chairs to safely navigate the terrain. And, it would even allow our wild critters to move safely under the bridge to the river.

And, (drumroll please!) with your generous help and a few major donations, we have raised the necessary funds! In fact, a check has been issued to the company that will design and construct the land bridge. So stay tuned for the great reveal! Our Raised Walkway for the Spring Run is coming your way soon! 

This is how sections of the walkway look right now:

This is an example of a land bridge:


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Friends of Silver Springs State Park is a Citizen Support Organization (CSO), a non-profit volunteer organization, dedicated to preserving and enhancing Silver Springs State Park. We support Silver Springs State Park by providing volunteers, educating visitors, hosting events and raising funds for specific park projects.

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