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David Rossiter

David Rossiter is President of the Friends of Silver Springs State Park and co-manager of the Silver River Patrol. He has been an active member of the Friends for several years, serving on a variety of committees and work groups. His tenure with the Friends builds on a longstanding professional and volunteer interest in preserving natural resources, working with organizations including the American Waterworks Association, the Silver Springs Alliance and the Ocala Boat Club.  He has also served for many years as a rules official in junior golf. In his spare time he studies classical music on mandolin.  David views the Friends as an organization that is uniquely positioned to support the Park, its wonderful Silver River and surrounding forest.

About us

Friends of Silver Springs State Park is a Citizen Support Organization (CSO), a non-profit volunteer organization, dedicated to preserving and enhancing Silver Springs State Park. We support Silver Springs State Park by providing volunteers, educating visitors, hosting events and raising funds for specific park projects.

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Check out our Membership Page and join the Friends of Silver Springs State Park in its mission to enhance and preserve this natural treasure.  Member Meetings will be announced.

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1425 NE 58th Ave, Ocala, FL, 34470

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